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What is it?

SannySoft Perl Editor is an Integrated Developer Enviroment (IDE) with many useful features which will help you in programming and save a lot of your time!

What this Perl Editor gives to me?

SannySoft Perl Editor will take part of your work on itself. How can it be?

Just imagine, that you can create CGI scripts within a few minutes without any programming! Such features as CGI Wizard, advanced debugging, auto format will help you in your work. Code explorer will allow you to “jump over” to any place of your script quickly, the detailed help will answer on all your questions about SannySoft Perl Editor and will help you to grasp all Perl functions.

What does the lite version mean?

There are two Perl Editor versions available: Professional and Lite. If you are new in Perl or just do not need any functions of the Pro version, there is the Lite version. The lite version has fewer features than Pro version and it also costs less. You can see the comparison of the two versions in the table on this page.

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How can I try it?

You can try SannySoft Perl Editor right now! Just visit the download page and start using it!

How long can I use it?

You can use unregisterd version of Perl Editor for 45 days! After this evaluation period you must register your copy to use Perl Editor without any limits.

Please tell me more about registration

To use Perl Editor after evaluation period you must register it. You will get the following advances after the registration:
- Unlimited SannySoft Perl Editor use;
- All further versions for free!;
- Technical support with priority;
- 30 day money back guarantee.

We take care of your free time so we have made the registration process as easy as possible: you can order Perl Editor online by a credit card, by phone, by purchase order etc. You will receive e-mail with your serial number almost right away after the payment. You can receive additional information and register your version here.

Still any questions?

Please contact our support team at We will be happy to answer all of your questions.

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